The versatile live-streaming solution in esports betting!

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Bedex.TV is the fastest and most reliable AV live-streaming solution specifically designed for esports betting.

Increase customer retention, visit duration, and drive loyalty by allowing bettors to watch esports matches live within your sportsbook solution.
Support your traders’ team with additional sources of information by giving them access to instant audiovisual game feeds and stay ahead of the competition. 

Easy integration

Integrate only once with our Audiovisual API and get access to our entire video streaming portfolio, covering 60+ tournaments of the most relevant titles in esports.


Freely choose between which audiovisual feeds and broadcast delays are best suited for your traders and bettors and pay only for what you need.


Provide your traders with game feeds that are quicker than any regular broadcast and lap the competition.

Use Cases


Elevate the experience of bettors by enabling them to both watch and bet on matches all within your own platform.

trading team

Arm your trading team with a fast Audiovisual feed, giving them all the information, they need to stay one step ahead of bettors and competitors.

trusted by Leading betting operators

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Choose the best product for your esports solutions

Esports tournament streams

Stream per match

Undelayed service

Website embeddable

Bayes PerID for seemless mapping

Public stream

Esports tournament streams

Stream per tournament

Undelayed service

Website embeddable

Manual mapping


Learn more on how Bayes Esports can accelerate your esports data.

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Learn more on how Bayes Esports can accelerate your esports data.

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