The Bayes Esports Data Exchange

BEDEX is the world’s first esports data exchange for Esports In-Game data.

It connects the data right holders, consumers, and service providers of the esports industry 

by providing an independent, real-time capable, game and format agnostic marketplace and fulfilment platform.


For Right Holders

Bedex provides you with a sophisticated set of tools and services to ingest, market and distribute your esports in-game data. Our team will support you to setup the data ingestion pipeline using our existing in-game parsers for CS:GO, LoL and Dota2 or by implementing a customised solution for your setup or or game title.
After the data ingestion is in place we will help you to define packages and pricing of your data and make the offers available on our marketplace. Alternatively we can be your distribution agent and sell the data on your behalf.

For Data Consumers

Bedex will provide you with a unified API and standardised data format to acquire and retrieve in-game live data from major tournament organisers and publishers. 

The integrated reporting and SLA monitoring will provide you with detailed insights about the number of matches, delay and quality  of your suppliers.

If you are a service provider you can generate enriched or derived data streams and distribute them via Bedex.

Available Tournament Brands

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