Bayes and Shadow support asian teams during LoL Worlds 2019

03.10.19 08:55:27 By Dr. Susanne Ardisson

CTBC J Team arrives as first team at our training camp 

Bayes Esport Solutions and Shadow support four of the best asian teams during the group phase of the LoL Worlds 2019 in Berlin.

CTBC J team moved as first team into our training camp to acclimate and prepare for their next opponents.

J team took the first place of the Summer Split 2019 in LMS league with an incredible result of 12:0.

Bayes and Shadow provide accommodation, infrastructure, support and tools to ensure an optimal preparation.

(Martin Dachselt and Ben Riewe welcome J Team with their players FOFO, REST, Hana, LILV, KOALA, ANAN)