First Esports Directory update adds support for 10 new games

06.11.19 22:06:14 By Dr. Susanne Ardisson

New Esports Directory version with support for 13 games

We have just deployed the latest version of our free Esports Directory.

 Most significant changes are the support for 10 new game titles, team logos and tournament stages.

The match data for the new titles are imported, so it will take 1-2 weeks until we have a full set of matches.

Furthermore we implemented additional filter options for start time, end time and last modification.

This will simply the synchronisation of the Esports Directory with your local database.

In total Esports Directory is now supporting 13 games and 

by this is the largest structured data directory for esports matches which is available without charge.

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Release Notes

Fixtures for new titles:
* Dota 2
* Hearthstone
* Rainbow Six
* Rocket League
* Smite
* StarCraft 2
* King of Glory
* Call of Duty
* Arena of Valor

New features:

* Added tournament stages to API
* Added stages to PERID lookup endpoint
* Added `logo` and `logo_icon` to team with a fallback
* Added `version` and `last_modified` to endpoints
* Added `last_modified` filter field for endpoints

* Fixed a bug when CS:GO matches did have a additional empty team
* Fixed a bug when forfeit CS:GO matches where not displayed correctly
* Fixed some internal miss behaviour when results where updated