One for All!

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The League of Legends Esports Data Portal (LDP) is a first-of-its-kind centralized hub that delivers competitive esports data to professional League of Legends teams, Riot Games' partners, and the community.

The LDP provides scalable and sustainable access to historic match data, replays, scrim data, and more, thereby supporting professional teams, partners, and the community.

One for all

Teams of participating leagues can get access to the same set of data via a simple user interface or API.

And all for one

Enter an extensive data library full of exclusive historic, GAMH, and scrim data.

For everyone

The LDP supports community use cases. It’s monitored 24/7, so support will always be on hand.




GB of data stored and distributed


Teams and partners onboarded

Use Cases

Pro teams

Analyze the performance of your team with secure replays and exclusive match data.

Media companies

Give your audience value by providing them with up-to-date leader boards, stats, and data-driven predictions.

professional Community

Create your own community pages with the most extensive data library as their foundation.

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Learn more on how Bayes Esports can accelerate your esports data.

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Learn more on how Bayes Esports can accelerate your esports data.

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