Predicting the future!

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Predex, our predictions data exchange, provides nonstop access to highly accurate probabilities for a wide range of markets in the top three titles in esports.

Our state of the art machine learning models are among the most accurate in all of esports, giving you the edge over your competitors and bettors.
Improve your margins and market uptime with Predex and start living in the future!

High standards

All models are verified against dozen of metrics. Only models which show no exploitable weaknesses are allowed to go live!


Predex never shuts down markets itself, allowing you to offer more live betting options.

One integration

Predex is available via a single standard integration as well as a complementary service via the Live Trader Dashboard. If you are an existing user, you can connect to the Predex-stream right away.




Markets (variable depending on game and game state)


Uptime, 100% of Tier 1 and Tier 2 events, 10% margin increase

Use Cases


Base your betting odds on our probabilities and kickstart your in-house trading!

betting group

Use our probability models next to your own to improve your odds system and increase your margins, or compare your probability models to ours to analyze and improve your offering!

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Choose the best product for your esports solutions

High scalability

Live, official data

Machine learning: automated with frequent retraining and upgrading

One integration

High uptime (98%+)

High profit margins

Other Provider

Low scalability

Delayed, unofficial data

Necessity of in-house modeling teams

Complicated many-to-many integration

Low uptime

Low profit margins


Learn more on how Bayes Esports can accelerate your esports data.

"We identified Bayes Esports as sharing a common goal in pushing esports betting forward. As a rights holder and distributor, they’re well suited to underpin our market-leading betting solutions with the vast data sets needed for our esports trading team to provide the breadth of content, the sharpest odds, and the ultimate betting experience." Rohini Sardana, Business Development Director

"Given the robustness of Bayes Esports’ data, we will be able to provide sportsbooks with an enhanced end-to-end offering that is integrated with high quality data, which enables us to offer a more competitive product." Max Polaczuk, Chief Technology Officer of Tiidal Gaming

"When utilizing official esports data sources, we enable reliable, responsible and fast odds feeds, while contributing to the growth of the esports industry." Oskar Fröberg, CEO

Learn more on how Bayes Esports can accelerate your esports data.

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