How to maximize your esports tournament experience?

The Bayes Esports Tournament Report 2020

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We are happy to present you the second whitepaper from Bayes Esports, in cooperation with Sportradar. With our informative content about “How to maximize your esports tournament experience”, we address tournament organizers and everyone who is interested in the growing esports industry.  


  • How to Organise a tournament, decide your format, get your data in order, monetize your data optimally and what is important for teams 
  • Why esports bettors need engagement and keeping your word is so important in the industry
  • About Technical leads, legal concerns, Integrity and tournament organization in China

You will find a great deal of useful information and checklists in this Whitepaper. The experts from Bayes Esports were not only supported in their effort by Sportradar but also by our partners at Lubberger & Lehment, Oddin, and WIN. We want to thank them very much for their great support through extremely interesting deep dives, interviews, and op-eds.

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