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We are Bayes Esports. We lead the way in providing official live esports data to the industry through our exclusive partnerships.
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"Being able to access our scrim data privately was extremely important to us as a team organization, and we’re thankful Riot took the initiative to invest in this addition to the Team Data Portal tool."
Halee Mason
"We identified Bayes Esports as sharing a common goal in pushing esports betting forward. As a rights holder and distributor, they’re well suited to underpin our market-leading betting solutions with the vast data sets needed for our esports trading team to provide the breadth of content, the sharpest odds, and the ultimate betting experience."
Rohini Sardana
Business Development Director
"The League of Legends Data Portal has been a fantastic resource for Evil Geniuses that has helped propel our methodology in data and analytics to new heights."
Chris DeAppolonio
Chief Innovation Officer
"When utilizing official esports data sources, we enable reliable, responsible and fast odds feeds, while contributing to the growth of the esports industry."
Oskar Fröberg,
Chief Executive Officer
"From the beginning, our mission has been to enable our professional teams, partners, and community to revolutionize esport. Working with Bayes to develop the underlying tech to bring this vision to life has been a fantastic opportunity, and we are looking forward to continuing to push and differentiate esports in the space."
John Knauss
Manager, Esports
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Building the future of esports brick by brick - literally
Bayes Esports offering probabilities as a service, improving odds, margins, and esports betting offerings of sportsbooks
Meet the team: Jasmin
Meet our People Happiness Manager Jasmin! Bayes Esports’ most passionate gamer tells her story of how she got to combine her hobby with her career!

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