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About Bayes Esports

The world of esports is experiencing explosive growth and, with that growth comes a wealth of opportunities. In a billion-dollar industry, where data is king, we at Bayes Esports have claimed our place as the newest leader in the market.

With our cutting-edge technology-driven products, we solve real issues that esport organizers, teams and media companies are facing everyday backed up by our very own machine learning algorithms. Partnerships with some of the biggest names in the esports and betting industries put Bayes in a unique position that allows the team to make a real impact in this vibrant and exciting space.

We are passionate gamers at heart—a small, agile team of esports veterans building a truly innovative next-generation data distribution platform.

For Right Holders

Bayes Esports delivers unprecedented opportunities for rights holders to utilize and monetize esports data of pro level leagues and tournaments through our extensive partner network of media and betting companies.

For Data Users

Bayes powers the innovative products of our customers with a wide range of standard applications and tailored solutions. Our customers benefit from unified feeds for fixture and result information, live in-match data, and live odds for major esports titles.

The Management

Martin Dachselt


Martin has over 20 years of top level management experience in tech startups. He served as CTO for Dojo Madness, Smartfrog and Delivery Hero and as VP Operations for Click&Buy. He is overseeing the daily operation and overall strategy of Bayes.

Sven Lund

Vice President Esports Data Services

Sven has been a Software Engineer and Data Scientist for over 10 years. At Bayes he is been responsible for continuous development of our technology.

Juana Bischoff
Vice President Sales

Juana has 7+ years experience in the start-up scene and 9+ years in sales and account management. Providing customers with solutions to build great products and increase revenue - that is what drives her every day. At Bayes Esports, she combines her passion for international business as well as customer relationships

Amir Mirzaee

Amir has been active in tech business for over 15 years as founder, strategy consultant, Business Development professional, and as the head of a family office. Most recently, he spent 6 years as the BD lead at Google and Waze, and has spent the last 3 years investing in tech startups across Europe and the US. Amir is acting as COO, managing commercial, business, legal and financial operations at Bayes.

Mark Balch

Vice President Esports Betting Services

Mark is an esport maven and has been in the betting industry for over a decade. At Bayes his expertise will drive the vision behind our products and be the go-to guy for cooperations and partnerships.

Pascal Krickemeyer
Vice President Administration and Finance

Pascal has been working in the Berlin start-up scene for five years. At Bayes Esports, he can finally combine his passion for tech start-ups and gaming. He is responsible for the day-to-day operations in the finance, legal and HR departments.

Supervisory Board

Jens Hilgers


As CEO of Turtle Entertainment (ESL) for ten years, Jens grew the company into the world's most prestigious eSports brand and, along with it, paved the way for eSports to go mainstream.

Werner Becher


Werner has extensive and world class betting and digital product expertise. He led Interwetten as CEO for over 7 years and is now a driving force within Sportradar to help the company and betting industry reach new heights.

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