Data protection information in the application process

If you apply for a job with us, the following information also applies to you in addition to our general data protection declaration:

Data protection information in the application process

If you apply for a job with us, the following information also applies to you in addition to our general data protection declaration:

General applicant data

We process applicant data only for the purpose of and within the scope of the application procedure in accordance with legal requirements.

The application process requires applicants to provide us with applicant data. The necessary applicant data includes personal details, postal and contact addresses and other documents belonging to the application, such as a cover letter, resume and certificates. In addition, applicants may voluntarily provide us with additional information.

If provided, applicants can submit their applications to us using an online form on our website. The data is transmitted to us in encrypted form in accordance with applicable encryption standards. Applicants can also send us their applications by e-mail. Please note, however, that emails are generally not sent in encrypted form and applicants must ensure that they are encrypted themselves. We cannot therefore, accept any responsibility for the transmission path of the application between the sender and receipt on our server and therefore recommend rather using an online form or sending by post. This is because instead of applying via the online form and email, applicants still have the option of sending us their applications by post.

The data provided by applicants may be further processed by us for the purposes of the employment relationship in the event of a successful application.

The basis for the processing of personal data in the context of the application process is Article 6 (1) (b) DSGVO and Section 26 BDSG or, if special categories of personal data are involved, Article 9 (2) (a) DSGVO and Section 22 BDSG.

Consent to the processing of special categories of personal data

My application contains special categories of personal data (e.g., marital status information that may provide information about my sex life or sexual orientation; information about my health; a photograph that allows conclusions to be drawn about my ethnic origin and, if applicable, my disabilitiesand/or religion; similarly sensitive data within the meaning of Art. 9 DSGVO). My application may therefore only be processed in the present form with my consent. I consent to Bayes Esports processing the special categories of personal data contained in my letter of application and the attached documents for the purpose of conducting the application process. This consent is solely for the purpose of being able to consider the application in its present form in the first place. The information will not be considered in the application process unless there is a legal obligation to do so. My data will not be passed on to third parties. I am not obliged to give this consent and can instead submit an application that has been cleansed of the special categories of personal data without this having any effect on my chances in the application process. I may refuse to give my consent without giving reasons and may revoke any consent given at any time. In the event of revocation, my data covered by the consent will be deleted immediately. However, in the event that consent is not granted or is revoked, my application that has already been submitted cannot be considered in its present form.

Deletion of data

If the application for a job offer is not successful, the applicants' data will be deleted. Applicants' data will also be deleted if an application is withdrawn, which applicants are entitled to do at any time.

Subject to a justified withdrawal by the applicants, the data will be deleted after the expiry of a period of six months so that we can answer any follow-up questions about the application and meet our obligations to provide evidence under the Equal Treatment Act. Invoices for any reimbursement of travel expenses are archived in accordance with tax law requirements.

These are also our legitimate interests that justify processing and storage in such cases pursuant to Art. 6 (1) (f) DSGVO.

Talent pool

As part of the application process, we offer applicants the opportunity to be included in our "talent pool" for a period of two years based on consent.

The application documents in the talent pool will be processed solely in the context of future job postings and employee searches and will be destroyed no later than the end of the two-year period. Applicants are informed that their consent to be included in the talent pool is voluntary, has no influence on the current application process and that they can revoke this consent at any time in the future.

The basis of the processing is Art. 6 para. 1 lit. a) DSGVO.