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About Us

From our humble start-up origins, we ventured into esports data, defying expectations and proving skeptics wrong.

With industry giants like ESL Gaming and Riot Games by our side, we've built innovative platforms centered around official data. We empower rights holders, tournament organizers, service providers, sportsbooks, and media companies to continue crafting the success stories of esports.

Join us in shaping the future of this global phenomenon. Welcome to Bayes Esports, where innovation meets limitless possibilities.

Our Core Values

At the heart of our success are our core values, which guide us in everything we do.


Be proactive and take responsibility


Always strive to be the best


Ask for forgiveness, not for permission


Together we make it happen


See the positive even in the difficult

Our Perks

A perk package that takes your well-being to the next level!

At our company, we don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk when it comes to mental and physical health. We get it - you're not just a machine that runs on coffee and deadlines. You're a player in the game of life, and we want to help you win!

That's why we've teamed up with Nilo Health to provide certified psychologists who can help you tackle any private or office-related issues. Plus, we know that stress can come from anywhere, so we've got your back with options like massages or workouts at John Reed next door. We understand that every player is unique, so we make sure to cater to everyone's individual stress relief needs. From healthy snacks in the office to retirement provision plans, we've got your long-term health covered.

Bi-weekly Massage treatments

Gym membership

Relaxing area 

Healthy snacks

Occupational pension scheme

Mental Health Support 

We believe that teamwork makes the dream work - and that's why we've built a community that supports each other at every turn.

Whether you need help from the C-Level or your colleagues, we're always here to lend a hand and help you excel. And when it's time to unwind and have some fun, we take it to the next level.

Every week, we gather for epic gaming sessions, fueled by drinks, laughter, and good times. We order food as a team and dine together, forging lasting friendships that will stay with you long after the game is over.

Some more insights about our social life at Bayes:


Gaming Area incl state-of-the-art gaming PC’s

Breakfast bar

Drinks & snacks

Game nights

Joint team events incl. dinner

Obviously: Free beer!

From massage chairs to dog allowances, we've got everything covered to ensure you feel right at home in our office.

And if you prefer to work from home, we've got you covered there too - with our remote office policy that lets you work from anywhere in the world.

But let's be real - our office is so awesome that most people can't resist coming in anyway! And to make sure you're always at your best, we've built "Focus Fridays" into our schedule. Life can be hectic, and sometimes it's hard to find the time to really buckle down and get things done. That's why we've got a no-meeting policy on Fridays - so you can focus on what matters most and crush your goals.

What we provide to make our work day in the office the most pleasant experience.

Height adjustable desks

Mac or Dell? Up to you! 

Hybrid working model

Remote work policy

Flat hierarchy

Office dog allowance

Company subsidised public transportation ticket

How We Hire


Talk to P&C Team

20 Minutes

Jump on a call to get introduced to the company’s culture


Go through technical challenge

2 - 3 Hours

Show your technical skills by completing our technical challenge


Talk to our Tech Team and Hiring Managers

2 Interviews, 1 hour each

Have an interview with our Tech Team to get a feedback on our tech challenge and get introduced to your future colleagues

Get to know more about offer details from our Hiring Managers


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