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November 21, 2023
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Sportsbooks that want to be active in esports are faced with a challenge. They need to be aware of which games and tournaments are of interest to their specific audience, but they also need betting odds tailored to those interests. Inhouse trading teams that are not well versed in esports, however, might struggle to provide such odds to their sportsbook as the esports industry can be quite overwhelming for those unfamiliar with it. There are a lot of tournaments with different formats held in a variety of game titles all across the world. From the  Big Three in CS, LoL, and Dota 2, to titles such as “Crossfire” that may not have a global following, but are immensely popular in specific regions, it can be challenging to keep an overview of the esports landscape. 

Trading teams that try to be all-encompassing and that cover a multitude of titles are at risk of spreading themselves thin and being unable to provide odds that enable the sportsbook to actually maximize their esports offering.

Trading teams instead would have to focus on a specific title and set of tournaments to be able to provide the best possible betting odds.
While such specialized odds providers do already exist, they are faced with their own challenges in finding customers for their products. Integrating with multiple providers for their sports betting product is a costly affair for sportsbooks, as different providers operate with different APIs and standards for their monitoring and reporting. This leads to high overhead costs for sportsbooks that are, quite simply, not worth the effort. As a result, specialized odds providers may struggle to find customers for their services, even if those services are of the highest quality for the niche they are looking to fill.

At Bayes Esports, we are focused on developing solutions for the industry that enable different players to connect and achieve something greater. We have developed an innovative esports odds platform that builds the necessary bridges between sportsbooks and odds providers: Bayes Live Odds

The marketplace for esports betting odds: Bayes Live Odds

Bayes Live Odds is an esports betting odds platform that enables odds providers to offer their services to a wide range of potential customers, and sportsbooks to build the odds package that fits their specific needs. 

Think of it as a marketplace that can host the services of different providers while taking care of the issues that would otherwise lead to the aforementioned overhead costs. On Bayes Live Odds, the odds feeds from different providers are standardized regarding their data format, market definitions, and served through a single API. Additional benefits are:

  • easy access to multiple providers with one single integration 
  • combination of feeds from multiple providers for a superset of available coverage
  • redundancy that enables easy replacement of providers  

It’s this flexibility that enables sportsbooks and odds providers alike to move towards a sustainable esports future. Sportsbooks have an easier time transitioning or expanding their esports betting coverage to different games and tournaments by being able to integrate with the right odds provider for those needs. Odds providers themselves now can branch out and specialize themselves in more titles more freely as they have an easier time in finding the sportsbooks that are in need of their services.

With the League of Legends World Championship and Dota 2’s “The International” right around the corner, there has never been a better time for sportsbooks to make the most out of esports. So if you are a provider looking to expand your reach, or a sportsbook looking to bring your esports product to the next level, then check out Bayes Live Odds today. Together, we can shape the future of esports betting.

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