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February 27, 2023
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The core principles of the HR Team at Bayes Esports is to establish a mindful and human-first leadership culture, as well as to inspire & attract the best talents in the esports industry. While such buzzword-filled mottos do sound great and all, they need to hold a greater meaning to every single individual for them to actually be effective. They are not supposed to be rules that allow for a singular person to set an example that everyone has to follow but are meant to inspire people to find a purpose behind the work that they do - highly individual in nature, yet all directed towards a common goal.

To me, personally, that purpose is clear: To create an environment that allows everyone to be the best version of themselves, regardless of who they are or where they come from.

But what does that mean and what does such an environment even look like? Let me explain:

Before I started at Bayes, I worked for giants such as Ikea and Red Bull and was even able to contribute to the great success that were the Olympic Games in Sochi 2014 and Rio 2016 when I was at Eventim.
While these experiences have been great and have allowed me to learn a lot not just about my field of work, but also about myself, working for industry giants was not as fulfilling to me as one might initially think. Optimizing existing processes and implementing new ideas can take years in corporations this large and while that may be frustrating, what made me realize that I needed change was that feeling of just being another cog in a giant machine that will keep chugging along regardless of anyone's individual actions.

When the opportunity to join Bayes arose, the large amount of other lateral entrants and the possibility of exploring an emerging market were intriguing to me, but what ultimately convinced me was how appreciative and considerate my now colleagues were even before day one. I do not need to be a gaming and esports expert. I do not need to be someone else or follow in someone else’s footsteps. I do not need to be perfect, as much as I myself might want to be.

All I need to have is an open mindset and all I need to be is myself.

It’s that kind of appreciation that I want everyone working at Bayes Esports to be able to feel. 

Working for a Hidden Champion such as Bayes has allowed me to be much more agile and employee-centric in my talent management than what would have ever been possible at one of the aformentioned giants.

It has enabled me to set up a talent acquisition approach that allows everyone that joins us to not just bring their experience and accolades to the table, but also themselves and their thoughts and ideas of how we can explore and grow this industry together. Creating an environment that allows everyone to be the best version of themselves means allowing people to be individuals, avoiding any and all forms of stereotype thinking, and not just asking what that person can accomplish for us as a company, but to also ask what we can do as a company for that person to find themselves and be satisfied with where they are in their life. Whether that is through flexible working conditions, allowing them to bring their dog to the office, or even enabling them to come to the conclusion that working for Bayes is not going to work out for them, I strive to be appreciative of everyone's time and efforts, just like my team here is appreciative of mine. That is not to say that everything is going smoothly all the time. As was the case in every other working environment I have been in, we do have our differences, ideas that end up not working out, and hires that we were unable to see eye to eye with. Nothing is perfect. But when I see the all little things my colleagues do for me, ranging from something simple as genuinely caring for how my day has been to surprising me on Halloween by dressing up as me, and how much I am able to do for them, I feel like I am exactly where I want to be and I want everyone else to feel the same.


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