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July 9, 2024
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The journey to a career in esports isn’t always a straight and narrow path, but the transferable skills you learn along the way can turn into your most valuable traits. Here at Bayes Esports, we value diverse backgrounds, just like Sanja’s who was a piano teacher before becoming a Live Operations Specialist. Her problem-solving and communication skills have been essential in successfully delivering live data across hundreds of tournaments and countless number of matches over the past two and half years at Bayes Esports.

Her passion for the fast-paced world of esports and her commitment to team collaboration make her an integral part of our Operations team. Read our interview with Sanja where she reflects on her career path, daily responsibilities, and what she loves most about working at Bayes Esports. 

Walk me through your career journey. How did your past experience help you develop the right skills to excel in your current role?

SB: “I find my career journey to be very colorful, evolving through various phases of learning and growing. 

I started with teaching piano at a Primary Music school, where, aside from further developing my piano skills, I also developed communication skills, patience, problem-solving skills, and a strong attention to detail, all of which I was able to translate into my current role at Bayes Esports.

I also have experience in managing people and handling customer relations, from the time I worked as a shift supervisor in the restaurant. This job had a big impact on teaching me how to deal with stress in a fast paced environment, while also improving my communication and leadership skills.” 

What drew you to the esports industry?

SB: “Firstly, I was very interested in understanding how gaming can evolve from a recreational activity to a professional sport, with an enormous amount of followers all over the world. The esports sector is a convergence of technology, entertainment and competitiveness, meaning it also provides a big range of career opportunities.

I also find the esports industry to be exciting and full of surprises. Just when you think you have learned everything, a new thing comes into the picture. So in short, it’s never boring working in the esports industry, especially in my role at Bayes Esports.”

Tell us a little bit about what your day to day looks like as a Live Operations Specialist.

SB: “First thing’s first - before I start anything, I make myself a morning coffee :)

The moment I open my laptop I will check the reports from the day before. Since we have 24/7 operational support with operators working in different time zones, I have to be very informed about the issues or challenges that the team experienced outside of my working hours. 

One of my tasks is to monitor the performance of the Monitoring team and Operators team. This involves tracking their availability, assigning tasks, and evaluating their performance to ensure day-to-day business and projects run smoothly. With our leading content calendar, there’s always documentation to be created or updated.

I will then address the occurring issues promptly, coordinating with the relevant teams to implement solutions and minimize disruptions to the events we’re covering. Big shout out to the Jr. Live Operations Specialist, Darren, and the L2 Coordinators for their invaluable assistance in resolving issues. Their dedication and expertise play a significant role in swiftly overcoming challenges.

Effective communication is a crucial skill in my role. I have to collaborate closely with different departments, partners, and other stakeholders, to ensure smooth coordination.” 

What is the most challenging aspect of your job and how do you navigate it?

SB: “The dynamic and hectic nature of esports tournaments can present itself as a challenge in my operations role. At times, it can be difficult to maintain smooth operations amidst new occurrences and issues. To deal with that aspect of my job, I have to ensure a thorough collaboration with each team, as well as thoughtful preparation before the event. I find that keeping an adaptable and proactive approach has a great effect on successfully managing the challenges of live operations.”

What would you say to someone else looking to follow a similar career path in esports operations?

SB: “It's crucial to have strong organizational and problem-solving abilities in addition to industry expertise. Operations need quick thinking to navigate last minute changes and coordinate with several stakeholders. In this profession, you must be able to think on your feet. 

All things considered, a job in esports operations demands commitment and readiness to keep learning and adapting, to be able to keep up with the quickly evolving esports scene.”

What made you want to work for Bayes Esports initially? What about this role caught your attention?

SB: “Managing teams is undoubtedly my favorite part of the job and what initially caught my attention. I am a big people-person, and a dedicated advocate for effective team dynamics. I get fulfillment from fostering collaboration and creating a healthy nurturing environment that encourages further growth and motivation. 

My philosophy of team management is ultimately based on integrity, empathy, and a sincere desire to see others thrive. I think we can unleash our teams' full potential and create long-term success for our company by promoting a culture of cooperation and continual improvement.”

What’s the best thing about the Operations team at Bayes Esports? What values do you bring to team collaboration?

SB: “The best thing about the Operations team at Bayes Esports is the people and our way of collaborating. I genuinely enjoy working with my colleagues and I find us to be very well aligned. Everyone in the team is different and everyone brings something unique to the table.

As for myself, I find that some of the values that I bring to the table are teamwork, open communication, conflict management, responsibility, and empathy.”

What has been your career highlight at Bayes Esports? What is the most exciting aspect of your role?

SB: “One of the highlights of my career was switching from my past position as Data Assistant, to my current role of Live Operations Specialist. Now I get to be more creative and I enjoy tackling cross functional projects. All in all, there are never two days that look the same for me. Even though at times it can be stressful, it’s something that I ultimately enjoy.” 

To wrap up this interview, we have a couple of quick fire questions. Ready? 

  • Favorite video game? GTA 5
  • Best thing about the Bayes Esports office? The people
  • Favorite place to get lunch around the office? Transit restaurant
  • Favorite Bayes Esports perk? The office is located in a great area. Kreuzberg is a fun and lively area but also super connected to the rest of the city via trains.

Favorite esports tournament you have attended? IEM Cologne

Sanja Barbarić
Sanja Barbarić
Live Operations Specialist

Sanja is the Live Operations Specialist at Bayes Esports. She oversees the onboarding and performance for the Operator, Monitoring, and L2 Coordination teams. To ensure the official data from the tournaments is delivered to clients, Sanja works closely with our 24/7 operation support team


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