What’s NEXT in esports?

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May 16, 2022
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At Bayes, we want to contribute to the long term development of esports. We share a collective dream, in which esports is sustainable and prosper for everyone involved and its level of professionalism rivals that of more established and traditional sports.
We are working towards developing unique solutions for various use cases that will allow us to satisfy all the different needs and demands of this industry that is so diverse. 

We are working towards turning our dream into a reality.

But what would be the NEXT step towards doing so?

This was the question we were looking to find an answer to when we attended iGaming NEXT NYC 2022 just last week.

A convention full of the brightest minds of the iGaming industry and investment community and a great opportunity for us to communicate and discuss with other highly influential people within the industry what we can do to accelerate the development of esports.

We have met a tremendous amount of great and knowledgeable people, who all had their own viewpoint on the esports industry and what it is missing the most. 

What stood out to us though was this:

“We need to educate Wallstreet of what is going on.”
(Wayne Kimmel, founder and managing partner of SeventySix Capital)

“The majority of Americans don't know the difference between licensed and non licensed operators.” (Anna Sainsbury, CEO & Co-Founder of GeoComply)

“It will be data and tech that will make the difference.” (Ashley Rodriguez, Media Editor at Business Insider)

What is NEXT for us and the esports industry is education. A lot of people that are interested in the industry or even some that are already a part of it still lack critical information of what esports is truly about and what that means for the esports betting industry. Esports and a more traditional sport like football are not one, but this is something many in the industry still have yet to learn. 

We are by no means all-knowing. That is why we seek out these conversations and discussions, to learn about all the different backgrounds, demands and wishes that exist within the industry and to educate those that are willing to listen. What we do know, though, is that through our efforts, our expertise and our solutions we will contribute to the education of the industry.

Our data and our tech will shape what is NEXT for esports. That is not a wish or a dream.

That is a spoiler.


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