MEET Our leaders
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Martin has over 20 years of top level management experience in tech startups. He served as CTO for Dojo Madness, Smart frog and Delivery Hero and as VP Operations for Click&Buy. He is over seeing the daily operation and overall strategy of Bayes.
Amir has been active in tech business for over 15years as founder, consultant, Business Development professional, and as the head of a family office. Most recently, he spent 6 years as the BD lead at Google and Waze, both in Germany as well as in the Silicon Valley.
Susanne has been working as a Senior PR Consultant in international companies for over 15 years - with a strong focus on technology. Among her clients were listed companies as Readly, Delivery Hero and AVG technologies.
Axel has been driving future initiatives within the Automotive/ E-Mobility and Energy/ SAAS sector for over 15 years indifferent Sales/ BD and leading functions. He was running sales business in Germany, EMEA and globally for e.g. BMW, Audi AG & Enel and is now leading the sales organisation within Bayes Esports.
Andre has 17 years of professional experience in the field of People & Culture. He has gained extensive experience at international companies such as IKEA and Red Bull. He was also involved in various M&A processes. Highlight was the HR support of cross-functional teams at the Olympic Games in Sochi and Rio.
Christopher has spent over 10 years in thein vestment industry, primarily within the Technology Investment Banking (TMT)team at J.P. Morgan in London and Frankfurt, and as an Investment Director fora family office. He has advised companies, startups, and high-net-worth individuals, and has now transitioned into a hybrid startup role within Bayes Esports.
Andreas has been setting up and leading client support and operations teams in the startup world and gaming industry for more than 15 years. He built the customer care teams at Frogster and most recently at Smart frog from scratch.