To create an ecosystem of rights holders, tournament organizers,service providers, sportsbooks and media companies that will allow them to come together in one place to benefit from each other.
The vision of Bayes Esports is centered around revolutionizing how we think about data in esports and setting standards for the entire industry. It is one that sees us, and our partners, unifying the industry to reach our common goal of a prosperous and sustainable future.
Our Core Values
Collaboration and competition
By making it possible for players from different parts of the industry to come together to benefit from one another, we set the groundwork for what is possible with esports data.
But, to bring out the best in each other,  this groundwork needs to allow for healthy competition, and for players to be able to enter the market and challenge those before them.
Simplicity and complexity
By allowing esports data to be distributed and integrated easily, we can allow for all areas of esports to be covered and all use cases to be made possible.
But these use cases need to be able to scale in their complexity, so that they may bring genuine added value to the groups they are created for and allow for esports to reach its full potential.
and individualization
We can allow everyone in the industry to be on the same playing field, by standardizing market definitions, data the API used, regardless of size. Give industry members all the tools they need to succeed.
But we also need to allow the usage of these tools to be individualized. In other words, to be able to support our partners to find unique solutions tailored to the problems they are faced with and the audience they are targeting.
We are more than a platform. We are more than a source.
We are more than a marketplace.
We are Bayes Esports.