Bayes Esports and bet365 partnership in North America extends to Canada

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November 8, 2022
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Bayes Esports and bet365 partnership in North America extends to Canada

Berlin, 08.11.2022 – Bayes Esports, the world’s leading supplier for esports live data, is extending their partnership with bet365, the world’s leading sportsbook, to Ontario, Canada. After having recently announced being the first registered esports data supplier in New Jersey and Colorado, the partnership with bet365 was subsequently expanded to North America to offer esports betting services in these states. The two companies are now also working together in Ontario to usher in a new era of sports betting in Canada. 

Similarly to the U.S, Canada has only just recently opened its doors to single-game sports betting, with the ban being lifted a little more than a year ago in August of 2021. As most of the Canadian provinces are still debating on how they want sports betting to be regulated, bettors currently have to rely on each province’s domestic lottery system to be able to place bets on single events. Alberta and Ontario constitute the exceptions, with the former still debating which sportsbooks should  be approved to offer online betting services, and the latter having already identified 25 online sports books and 49 gaming operators to offer their services to the public. This makes Ontario the biggest and most relevant sports betting market in Canada, as is evident by its 64,8% growth in revenue from Q1 to Q2 of 2022.

Bet365 and Bayes Esports are continuing their partnership, now being among the first to offer esports betting services in Ontario. This marks the next step in the development of Canadian sports betting, with the nation’s most popular sportsbook now also offering betting opportunities in the world’s fastest growing sport.

Amir Mirzaee, COO and Managing Director of Bayes Esports, stated: “These past couple of months have been amazing for us. We have expanded to the U.S, launched an innovative odds integration platform that will revolutionize sports betting in BODEX, and strengthened our management team with some of the brightest minds from across various different industries. To now also be registered in Ontario and to extend our partnership with bet365 accordingly feels like the cherry on top. I am certain other provinces will follow Ontario’s example and we will be able to offer live esports data to sportsbooks all across Canada in the near future.



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