Bayes Esports Expands Global Reach with PrizePicks Partnership

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June 25, 2024
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Bayes Esports Expands Global Reach with PrizePicks Partnership, Bringing Official Esports Data to North American Fantasy Gaming

  • PrizePicks, a prominent fantasy sports provider in the US and Canada, has joined forces with Bayes Esports.
  • Bayes Esports is now delivering official match data to all North American states where fantasy gaming is allowed.
  • Fantasy operators will gain access to exclusive and highly granular data points, enhancing their platforms significantly.

BERLIN. June 25, 2024 –  In a significant move that promises to reshape the landscape of fantasy gaming in North America, PrizePicks, one of the largest fantasy sports providers in the United States and Canada, has entered into a partnership with Bayes Esports, a leading provider of official match data in the esports industry. The partnership brings unprecedented access to exclusive, highly granular esports data direct from tournament organizers and game publishers, strengthening the offerings of fantasy gaming operators.

Bayes Esports announces that its exclusive official match data will now be available to fantasy operators in all North American states where fantasy gaming is permitted. The official data solutions empower fantasy gaming platforms with rich, real-time data points, offering a higher quality product and competitive advantage unattainable through unofficial, scraped data sources. 

"This partnership marks a significant milestone for Bayes Esports as we continue to expand our presence in North America," says Amir Mirzaee, Co-CEO & Managing Director at Bayes Esports. "We are excited to provide PrizePicks with our official match data, enabling them to offer an enhanced and more engaging experience to their audiences."

As a pioneer in the U.S. fantasy market, many companies have sought to emulate PrizePicks’ fantasy model. Today, it stands as the largest paid daily fantasy sports operator in North America, boasting over 5 million community members and over 500k Discord members. PrizePicks represents Bayes Esports first fantasy operator in the United States to incorporate official live match data into their operations, showcasing Bayes Esports capability to deliver real-time data solutions in the dynamic world of fantasy esports.

"In order to provide our members with the best esports products in North America, we needed to partner with the highest quality esports data providers. Counter-Strike is our fourth biggest market and through our partnership with Bayes Esports we can continue offering this title 365 days a year," says Adam Boothe, Director of Esports at PrizePicks. "We recognized a gap in the North American esports space and recently launched The Esports Lab, a media lab and education site for non-esports fantasy players. Bayes Esports data is powering CS2 and Dota 2 for a detailed stats experience not found anywhere else in our region."

Products by Bayes Esports Included in the Deal:

  • Bayes Live Match Data: Provides official data directly from the source. This feed is not only fast and reliable, but it delivers highly granular data points. This granularity allows Fantasy operators to customize their solutions and give their users a unique and captivating experience.
  • Bayes Historic Data: Offers extensive historical data and head-to-head matchup records, empowering precise predictions and modeling for an expansive esports fantasy experience. 
  • Bayes Widgets for Media: Delivers real-time cumulative statistics and interactive 2-D maps, giving fantasy and media operators a tool to increase fan experience and engagement.  

This partnership between PrizePicks and Bayes Esports marks a significant step forward for both companies, as they combine their expertise to enhance the fantasy gaming experience for users across North America.



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