Bayes Esports launches a partnership program, signs Pinnacle, BETER, Abios, Sportsflare

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September 2, 2022
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Partnership Program: Bayes Esports setting the stage for a sustainable esports future

Berlin, 02.09.2022 – Bayes Esports, world’s leading source for esports live data, is laying the foundation for a sustainable future for game developers, tournament organizers and esports betting organizations. The Berlin based company has developed a global network to make strides towards establishing rules and solutions, as well as setting standards within the industry with the long term development and the integrity of esports in mind. This Network will now be expanded upon with the start of the Bayes Esports Partnership Program. This program will seek to make the partners within the already established network more visible, as well as to develop new and innovative platforms with the integrity of esports competitions and esports betting in mind.

The partners that have built their esports data services around official live data include some of the strongest and most relevant brands in esports and esports betting, ranging from Riot Games and ESL Gaming on the side of official data partners to Abios, a Kambi Group company, BETER, Sportsflare and Pinnacle on the data service provider side. It is with the ongoing efforts of these partners that significant progress towards the development of a sustainable future of esports and against unofficial data offerings and the scraping of data was made. 

While scraped live data is still widely used within the industry, it has been the ever growing partnerships built around official live data that have actively contributed to the development of esports as a whole. The usage of official live data to create responsible betting solutions suitable for esports fans and the emerging esports betting market has contributed massively to the integrity of esports through the introduction of more sophisticated data monitoring options and advanced integrity tools. The Bayes Esports Partnership Program will make sure that these partnerships are more easily identified and visible in the future.

Bayes Esports and their partners are stepping up and taking a stand for the integrity of esports and against unofficial data offerings. By coming together and collaborating on the development of measurements and tools that can ensure the integrity of esports competitions and the legality of esports betting services, progress towards a sustainable esports future that is beneficial to everyone involved can be made.

Martin Dachselt, CEO and Managing Director of Bayes Esports, noted: “BEDEX was a breakthrough in the esports data market, allowing data providers and data consumers to both profit from official live match data. However, we do also recognize that our work is far from done. There are still so many players within the industry that are unaware of the danger and disadvantages that unofficial data offerings entail. Together with our partners, we will continue to educate the industry and fight for the integrity of esports. We are delighted to be able to work with some of the most important players in the industry and will continue to make leaps towards an esports future, which is sustainable and profitable for everyone involved.”

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Bayes Esports is the world’s leading esports data supplier. We have built an unmatched, diverse ecosystem of 350+ data consumers, covering all relevant use cases from media, to service providers, analytic companies to betting operators and community partners. 

With BEDEX, our global, best-in-class data platform, we provide the fastest, most reliable and accurate esports data on the market, powering top tier clients from Google to Bet365 with more than 10.000 live matches per year. 

As the only player in the industry, we base our data services for League of Legends on an exclusive partnership with Riot Games. Additionally, thanks to further exclusive partnerships with ESL Gaming, Dreamhack, BTS, and OGA, we offer the most relevant range of official data coverage in the industry.

We believe in an open ecosystem and in healthy competition, that drives innovation in the market. Our mission is to drive prosperity and sustainability for everyone in the esports industry.

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