Bayes Esports offering probabilities as a service, improving odds, margins, and esports betting offerings of sportsbooks

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April 19, 2023
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Bayes Esports offering probabilities as a service, improving odds, margins, and esports betting offerings of sportsbooks

Berlin, April 19, 2023 – Bayes Esports, the leading source for official esports live data, is now offering live probabilities as a service to their clients and customers. With Predex, the predictions data exchange, sportsbooks will be able to use highly accurate probabilities for a wide range of events and markets in the most popular titles in esports.

In order to stay ahead of their bettors and offer profitable betting offerings, sportsbooks and their trading teams cannot just depend on their experience and skill alone. They also need to rely on probability models that allow them to infer free of biases how likely the offered markets are to be decided in one side’s favor. This becomes more and more important the faster the game and markets move.
While many sportsbooks have great experience in using and maintaining such models for traditional sports, the same can rarely be said for esports. Developing and monitoring accurate probability models for esports can be challenging, as esports titles are updated and changed regularly. Moreover, events that are critical to the outcome of any given market are occurring much more frequently in esports as well, complicating the development process further.

With Predex, Bayes Esports is now offering probabilities as a service for more than ten thousand matches and hundreds of markets. The probabilities offered via Predex are the result of Machine Learning models that were trained on thousands of matches with millions of data points available as official game data exclusively to Bayes Esports.

As a result the probability models are 65% more likely to predict correct market outcomes and probably produce significantly higher margins than other models in the market. Besides being precise, Predex itself never shuts any markets down. Instead, it is up to the customer to decide when they want to trade in a market or not, allowing for more betting options, such as live round winner markets in CS:GO, to be offered. 

Predex can be used by a broad range of sportsbooks active in esports for a variety of use cases.
Sportsbooks with in-house trading teams and prediction models can use the offered probabilities supplementary for their own odds system or use them as benchmarks to analyze and improve their own models.
Those that rely on third party trading teams for their esports betting odds can use Predex to base their service on, enabling them to regain full control over their betting offering.
Predex is fully integrated with Bayes Esports central data platform BEDEX and is available as a complementary service via the Live Trader Dashboard, requiring no additional integration for existing users and only a single integration for newcomers.

Dr. -Ing. Notger Heinz, Principal Data Scientist at Bayes Esports, commented: “We are extremely proud to finally be able to offer our probabilities as an additional service to our clients. When we started our probabilities services years ago at Dojo Madness, before we became Bayes Esports, we eventually wanted to open them to the wider public, so last autumn, we decided that the time was ripe and started working on it. To now be at a point where we can confidently rank our probabilities among the best and most accurate in all of esports to our clients makes me and the rest of the team extremely proud. Predex will allow so many more sportsbooks to explore what is possible in esports betting and will be a driving factor in the development of the industry.”

About Bayes Esports

Bayes Esports is the world’s leading esports data supplier. We have built an unmatched, diverse ecosystem of 450+ data consumers, covering all relevant use cases from media, service providers, and analytic companies to betting operators and community partners. 

With BEDEX, our global, best-in-class data platform, we provide the fastest, most reliable and accurate esports data on the market, powering top tier clients from Google to bet365 with more than 16.000 live matches per year. 

Thanks to exclusive partnerships with ESL FACEIT Group for their CS:GO and Dota 2 esports properties, BLAST Premier, and Riot Games for LoL Esports, we are exclusively providing content impacting 80% of official live esports betting turnover.

Our data portfolio is completed by further partnerships with BTS, OGA, and KRAFTON for PUBG: Battlegrounds, allowing us to offer the most relevant range of official data coverage in the industry.

We believe in an open ecosystem and in healthy competition, that drives innovation in the market. Our mission is to drive prosperity and sustainability for everyone in the esports industry.

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