Riot Games and Bayes Esports launch new LoL Esports Data Portal for teams, players, fan community

Published on
June 10, 2022
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Riot Games and Bayes Esports launch new LoL Esports Data Portal
for teams, players, fan community

BERLIN AND LOS ANGELES, June 10, 2022 – Riot Games and Bayes Esports have teamed up to develop a first-of-its-kind centralized hub that will deliver competitive esports data sustainably to professional League of Legends (LoL) Esports teams, Riot Games’ partners, and to the community. The LoL Esports Data Portal (LDP) will provide access to a wide variety of data to power teams, partners, and fan experiences, and will enable long-term growth for the wider esports community.

As industry leaders, both Riot Games and Bayes Esports share a common goal: to build a sustainable ecosystem of secure and scalable solutions aiming to benefit all those involved with the esports industry, from tournament organizers to the fans watching from home. The LDP has allowed more than 150 teams and partners worldwide access to LoL data easily through both UI and API. The data will allow teams to improve their pre-match preparations and post-match analysis, powering up the overall level of play all over the world.

Professional LoL teams across the globe are already seeing the value of the LDP across Riot-ran regions.

“The LDP has been a fantastic resource for Evil Geniuses that has helped propel our methodology in data and analytics to new heights,” said Chris DeAppolonio, Chief Innovation Officer at Evil Geniuses (LCS). “With the LDP, we have direct access to key data points from games that have saved our team countless hours of number crunching and research, allowing us to instead put all of our effort in breaking down these insights and using it to inform our strategy and decision-making in future matches.”

“The LDP has provided us with a great starting point from which we're building on top of in order to improve our teams' performance and stay ahead of the curve,” said Apostol Tegko, Data Analyst for FNATIC (LEC). “It's an exemplary approach throughout esports.”

Last year, Riot and Bayes rolled out the LDP to Riot-run professional LoL Esports regions, debuting the private and secure scrim data feature. Now, the LDP also supports community use cases, such as Leaguepedia and Oracle’s Elixir, by providing credible and sustainable access to data such as pro player statistics, match history data, and more. The LDP will be made available to individuals within the community for research purposes in the near future.

“We are excited to be laying the foundation and starting to share our vision for the future of esports data,” said John Knauss, Lead of Competitive Data Programs for Esports at Riot Games. “From the beginning, our mission has been to enable our professional teams, partners, and community to revolutionize esport. Working with Bayes to develop the underlying tech to bring this vision to life has been a fantastic opportunity, and we are looking forward to continuing to push and differentiate esports in the space.”

“We are always looking for opportunities to develop innovations that are beneficial to the entire esports industry,” said Martin Dachselt, CEO and Managing Director of Bayes Esports. “Being able to work with Riot Games has given us a great opportunity to tailor technologies  to fit the needs of teams, players, and individuals. We believe that the LDP will be the next of many steps to continue to professionalize the esports industry.”

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