How GG.BET increased their esports coverage and profits with Bayes Esports data

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January 22, 2024
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Since bursting onto the scene, the audience for esports has grown to hundreds of millions of fans worldwide. This growth has led to an increase in demand from the esports community for engaging and dynamic betting opportunities. After recognizing this potential, GG.BET’s goal was to not only invest further into the esports industry and expand its audience, but to also provide the best possible esports betting experience to its clients with top-level service. And that is when GG.BET turned to Bayes Esports to launch this pivotal partnership.

About GG.BET

GG.BET is an international betting brand specializing in esports and has become a household name by playing an active role in the development and growth of the wider industry by partnering with leading esports clubs and tournament organizers, and generating content with some of esports’ finest talents. Active in Europe, South America, and Asia, it provides its clients with one of the largest selections of esports markets, constantly improving them to match the evolving market conditions. In 2023, GG.BET was recognized as the Best Esports Operator of the Year according to the prestigious EGR Operator Awards and SIGMA Europe Awards.

The Challenge: Enhancing Esports Betting 

In order to provide the best betting experience with the highest level of service, GG.BET required match data that is updated as quickly as possible – in other words, live data. To offer the most engaging products, every second matters. Unpredictable actions are taking place at every moment in an esports match, and live betting markets can change quickly and frequently. Relying on unofficial, delayed data meant having to close the markets more frequently, leaving open the risk of insider trading, as well as lost revenues. Knowing that they needed to be agile if they wanted to succeed in esports betting, GG.BET found in Bayes Esports the solution they were looking for. 

GG.Bet emphasized, “If you take a look at how betting companies work from the inside, then you’ll see that achieving this goal is impossible unless you work with in-depth data that’s updated quickly."

The Solution: Official Live Data

GG.BET found its solution in Bayes Esports’ official live data. The official data covers the biggest esports events worldwide and is highly granular, reliable and undelayed. With one easy integration, GG.BET gets access to data that can be used to offer engaging betting opportunities for a variety of markets, expanding their overall portfolio. With more accurate and reliable products, they are able to maximize their profits, while maintaining the integrity of the esports industry through the use of official, licensed match data that Bayes Esports provides. 

GG.BET’s spoke on the importance of this partnership saying, “Bayes Esports is known around the world as the holder of official live data from some of the biggest games and tournaments in the industry. Any driven and serious player in the esports betting market will know that robust and continuous cooperation with Bayes Esports is one of the cornerstones of success. Therefore, this partnership has always been one of the core pillars for GG.BET.”

The Results: More Events With More Uptime

The partnership has allowed GG.BET to increase the number of total events covered by 20-25%. With access to more detailed data from more events, it can offer its customers a broader and more interesting range of markets than ever before. 

Thanks to Bayes Esports increase in numbers of events

The data delivered by Bayes Esports has enabled GG.BET to update the odds of its esports betting products instantaneously. As a result, the live betting markets offered can stay active for longer, which keeps bettors engaged until the very last moments of the game. 

Additionally, the partnership has enabled GG.BET to provide an almost 24/7 betting experience to its clients. With the data feed from Bayes Esports, GG.BET can provide betting opportunities for a variety of events at any time of day.

24/7 betting experience

“There are no alternatives to the data provided by Bayes Esports. It’s the source of the most accurate information for major Counter-Strike and Dota events. If a betting company wants to expand its esports business on its platform, attract fans, and generate profit, then teaming up with Bayes Esports is undoubtedly the way to go.” 

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