How are ESL FACEIT Group and Bayes Esports innovating with data driven solutions?

Bayes Esports and EFG collaboration
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May 16, 2024
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We are proud to have forged a long-term strategic partnership with ESL FACEIT Group (EFG), signifying our joint commitment in building the best fan experience with data-driven solutions. As the exclusive data provider to many EFG leagues, Bayes Esports plays a vital role in distributing accurate and reliable match data to many use cases in the esports industry. Not only is this partnership a key connection at the heart of the esports ecosystem, we continue to work together with EFG to educate and advocate for the use of official, licensed data.

We recently had the opportunity to chat with Alex Coconcea, Director of Esports Data at EFG, to reflect on the evolution of our partnership and the industry standards we helped shape. Alex shared insights into the collaborative processes that ensure 100% coverage of EFG's official data, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the preparation and execution involved in each tournament.

Together, we are shaping the future of esports, one data point at a time. Here’s what Alex had to say.

How is ESL FACEIT Group (EFG) unique to other tournament organizers?

Through the merger of several companies with a long history in esports, ESL FACEIT Group has set its mission to help gaming communities thrive by creating worlds beyond gameplay that unite players, fans and creators around the esports and games they love.

EFG has a large portfolio of products, brands and partners that enable us to be a global powerhouse and provide the best tournaments and events across the entire world. Not only have we built lighthouse events, where fans can’t wait to travel to and feel the arena excitement, but we’ve also developed a leading digital platform that is supporting the natural growth of esports and shaping the next generation of esports athletes.

How do EFG and Bayes Esports work together to ensure 100% coverage of all matches?

EFG and Bayes Esports work closely together through a finely-tuned, collaborative process to prepare and distribute comprehensive tournament data to Bayes' customers. This partnership operates through meticulously organized phases to ensure accuracy and reliability:

Pre-Tournament Preparation: Ahead of each tournament, EFG operators gather essential information, including schedules, matchups, and team rosters. This crucial data is then shared with Bayes Esports’ operators, who rigorously verify its accuracy before distributing it to their customers. This preparation ensures that all stakeholders are well-informed and ready for upcoming events.

Live Tournament Execution: Once the tournament commences, Bayes Esports’ operators take the lead in monitoring the live data flow from every match. They pay special attention to verifying the accuracy of player game accounts, ensuring that the data transmitted is precise and timely. This real-time verification process is critical in maintaining the integrity of the data shared with customers, enhancing their experience and engagement with the event.

Through this seamless collaboration, EFG and Bayes Esports ensure that every phase of tournament preparation and execution is handled with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail, delivering an unmatched data service to the esports community.

EFG and Bayes Esports have worked together to establish uniform industry standards. Can you expand on how you have done so?

EFG and Bayes Esports have jointly contributed to establishing uniform industry standards by focusing on three key areas: data consistency, integrity measures, and collaborative industry engagement. Here's how we've achieved these goals:

Data Consistency: We have developed a standardized protocol for collecting, processing, and distributing esports data. This involves uniform data formats and consistent methodologies to ensure that the data we generate and share is reliable, comprehensive, and easily integrable across various platforms and services. These standards help maintain a high level of quality and usability, enabling all stakeholders to benefit from the same level of precision and reliability in the data they use.

Integrity Measures: Recognizing the importance of competitive integrity in esports, our partnership has led the way in implementing rigorous fair play safeguards. This includes advanced monitoring systems to detect and mitigate any discrepancies or suspicious activities within the betting industry. By setting high standards for integrity, we help foster a trustworthy environment that upholds the values of fair play and transparency essential to the industry’s reputation.

Industry Engagement: Bayes Esports is actively engaging with other industry players, including tournament organizers, teams, and regulatory bodies, to promote and develop these standards that we have developed together. Through workshops, forums, and joint initiatives, we work collaboratively to encourage widespread adoption of these practices. This approach not only enhances the consistency of data across the board, but also helps in shaping a more structured and professional esports ecosystem.

How does EFG plan to leverage its partnership with Bayes Esports to stay at the forefront of esports developments?

We’re looking to leverage our partnership through several strategic initiatives:

Innovative Data Solutions: By collaborating closely with Bayes Esports, EFG will continue to innovate in data collection, analysis, and distribution. This partnership allows EFG to access cutting-edge analytics technologies and methodologies, enabling the delivery of real-time data towards betting and media customers across the world.

Expansion of Service Offerings: EFG aims to use the insights gained from the partnership to expand its service offerings. This includes developing new tools and platforms that cater to the evolving needs of the esports ecosystem, providing our audience with comprehensive data solutions that enhance engagement across our digital platforms, broadcasts, and events.

Introduction of Machine Learning & AI in esports: The fast growth of machine learning and AI tools across different industries haven’t gone unnoticed. Together with Bayes Esports, we’re looking to develop products that will enable esports to become sustainable, in order to engage further with our fans throughout the globe.

What would you say to other companies looking to leverage official data?

To companies looking to leverage official data, I would offer the following advice:

Prioritize Integrity: Ensure the way the data used is accurate, reliable, and comes from reputable sources. Official data provides a foundational level of trust and authenticity that is critical for building strong business strategies.

Invest in Data Analytics Capabilities: Having access to official data is just the first step; being able to analyze and interpret this data effectively is what can set your company apart. Consider investing in advanced data analytics tools and skilled personnel who can extract meaningful insights from complex datasets to enhance your products and engage more with your audience.

Cultivate Partnerships: Just as we have benefited from our partnership with Bayes Esports, look for strategic alliances that can help you expand your data capabilities. Partnerships can provide access to complementary skills, technologies, and insights that enhance the value of the data you use.

Innovate Continuously: Use official data as a springboard for innovation within your company. Whether it’s developing new products, improving services, or enhancing customer experiences, let data guide your innovation efforts to ensure they meet actual market needs and customer expectations.

Educate Yourself and Your Team: Ensure you and your team understand the importance and potential of leveraging official data. Regular training and updates about data trends, tools, and best practices can empower your employees to make better use of the data at their disposal.

Finally, it's important to acknowledge the permanence of betting within our industry. As a collective, we must strive to foster a secure and responsible environment for our fans and players. Partnering with organizations like Bayes Esports represents a proactive step towards establishing a transparent and regulated betting marketplace. This approach not only safeguards the integrity of esports but also ensures that the industry can thrive by setting high standards that discourage malpractice. By working together, we are paving the way for a healthier ecosystem where competition and entertainment can flourish safely and ethically.

Alex Coconcea
Alex Coconcea
Director of Esports Data at ESL FACEIT Group (EFG)

Having been with the company for almost ten years and as a big esports and competitive gaming enthusiast, Alex has helped innovate the industry in several sub-fields by creating various data tools and services to enhance the consumer experience.


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