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February 7, 2024
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The journeys of Bayes Esports’ betting customers range from a company just starting out in the world of esports, to a more sophisticated, mature business that's got their own in-house traders and data scientists. No matter where they are in their journey, Bayes Esports has the tools to build a successful esports betting portfolio. As it stands, our customers can choose which Bayes Esports’ tools they want to leverage, whether it's our Live Odds, Probabilities, Live Data, Widgets, or more. As we step into 2024, we are expanding our product range and services even further, so our single integration adds more value along the entire commercial value chain.

Understanding the Customer Journey

A customer at the start of their journey could be a newly founded company or even a traditional sports betting operator making the leap to esports for the first time. For example, a company may have a team of 50 traders, but all of those traders are for soccer, American football, or basketball. This type of company won’t necessarily have the capabilities to trade and manage esports odds. At this stage of the customer journey, the betting operator may want to access our Live Odds marketplace. 

As we progress further along the customer journey, a betting operator may only need access to probabilities. For odds to be created, an operator can take a probability and then the esports trading team will add a margin on top of that. A betting operator may have the esports trading capabilities, but not the time or investment to build their own odds models. This is when they will need access to Bayes Live Match Predictions, that can offer extra guidance on creating their own odds. Our customers get access to the most advanced machine learning (ML) models that are fueled by official game data throughout the entire match. 

If esports betting operators are more advanced and have their own odds models, they may want access to Bayes Live Data. The official data from our trusted partners like EFG and BLAST, will feed into their ML models to automatically update the odds based on their predetermined margins, as the match progresses.

Alongside the live data, our customers may want access to enhanced tools to deliver a more engaging experience, however they may not have the capacity within their team to build the tools themselves. Bayes Esports can provide them with widgets, video streams, fixtures, or maybe even our probabilities service so they can compare against their own performance. The possibilities are vast. 

No matter where a betting operator falls on this esports journey, Bayes Esports has the solution.

Kickstarting the esports journey

The first step when a betting operator wants to enter into the world of esports is deciding whether to develop in house or opt for a turnkey solution. If the right partnerships are forged, with esports experts backing the innovation, then a comprehensive esports betting portfolio can be up and running in no time. Even if a betting operator is unfamiliar with esports, or lacks a team of developers in house, they can start cashing in on the vast opportunities esports betting offers.

Kickstarting an esports betting journey with a turnkey solution, still gives the option to bring various aspects in house later down the road. A Bayes Esports customer can continue working with our marketplace, and not have to worry about switching providers.  

Bringing an odds solution in house can be a complex process. Building the models takes a lot of time, skills, experience, and testing. While a team is going through this transition, a betting operator can take odds from Bayes Esports to ensure the operations continue running smoothly. They can also start accessing Live Data immediately, so they can begin building, training, and testing their in house solutions until they are confident in their models.

Our product ecosystem allows our customers to choose what tools they want access to for which games and tournaments. A betting operator may want more control over Counter-Strike, if it is their most lucrative game title. In this case, they may only use Bayes Live Match Predictions for all CS2 Majors, as their in-house trading team will create the odds for these key tournaments. While their trading team may not have the capacity to take on this for every tournament, our marketplace can help ‘fill in the gaps’. Bayes Esports covers a wide range of game titles, tournaments, and markets, ensuring every one of our customers can reach maximum turnover with their esports portfolio.

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