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April 25, 2023
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When people are talking about why they do what they are doing for work, more often than not they will explain how they want to serve a greater purpose, chase a Just Cause, or have a lasting impact on the world.
Me, though? I just want to have a great time, doing what I love, inside and outside of work.
Sure, it’s nothing flashy, but I think I still have a pretty interesting story of how I got to that point to tell.
So here goes!

Gaming has been a part of my life since, well, forever, really. I will never get tired of diving into different worlds and challenging myself to defeat difficult bosses or solve complicated puzzles (or completely ignoring the intricate stories told in those worlds to go and play card minigames).
Having found what I love doing more than anything on day 1 of my life (thanks for the speedrun, Mom!) I now had to figure out how I can combine the Outer Wilds of gaming with my everyday life.

Well, I felt like the most obvious way to start working in the gaming industry would be to become a game designer or programmer. No better way to experience gaming and make a living than creating games yourself, right?
Sure, if you have any talent in either, that is. If you don’t - like me =) -, you need to find a different approach.
No second better way to experience gaming and make a living than help selling games, right?
So I thought, for sure, which is why I ended up doing my bachelor’s in business administration with a focus on marketing.
Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with that and I did have a decent time working in marketing at a local gaming store here in Berlin. But I felt like something was missing. Like this was not “it” and things could be better.
First, though, I had to find out that things could also get much, much worse. When I first started working for another company - who I will not be alluding to any further than that because, quite frankly, they do not deserve any vague publicity at all (seriously, F those guys)-, little ol’ me was responsible for marketing, recruiting, and office management of said company, as well as of more than a dozen sister companies. Constantly being stressed does not even begin to describe what that was like (no seriously, F those guys).
In that Injustice, however, i found “it”. I found what I love doing for work. Involuntarily being responsible for recruitment and people & culture made me realize just how fun that field of work can be. Working with people, building teams, and making sure we have a great time together is incredibly rewarding to me. All that was left was to find an opportunity to do all of that in gaming.

So when I heard a company involved in esports was looking for a People Happiness Manager Nier me, I felt like I found the perfect fit.

And I did!

Working here at Bayes Esports has been a blast so far. Esports might be Uncharted territory to me, but getting to experience that side of gaming with a bunch of like-minded gamers and nerds has been exactly what I have been looking for. We hang out together, talk all things gaming and even host small tournaments every now and then, but most importantly:

We are having a ton of fun!

Oh, and if, by chance, you noticed some odd words standing out here and there in this post, you might just be who we are looking for. Maybe you can find them all and see what they spell out! I am sure that if you know a thing or two about games, it will only take you a Split/Second!

See you in the office!

Jasmin Alexandra Richter
Jasmin Alexandra Richter
People Happiness Manager

Jasmin Alexandra Richter is Bayes' People Happiness Manager. She has been involved in Gaming for as long as she can think and found her professional calling in People Happiness Management and HR. She also got the Platinum Trophy in Elden Ring within just 6 days of its release, putting her in the top 0,3% of players globally. Jasmin is an allrounder - helping out each department where she can.


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