The power of official esports data

Accurate and reliable data is at the center of every high-quality esports service. However, many companies still resort to using scraped data, which can be the opposite: unreliable, delayed, inaccurate, and incomplete. This can lead to poor decision-making, lost opportunities, and financial losses.

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Data 101: Distinguishing Official from Scraped data

Despite being the same in appearance, data can differ significantly in value depending on its source and method of collection

Official Data

What is official esports data?

Official in-game or live data is directly delivered from the game server where the match is played. Every single action of each player is accurately and timely captured. Accurate, timely, and reliable data fuels high-quality esports services, driving informed decision-making and fostering strategic advantages.

Scraped Data

What is scraped data?

Automated programs like bots scan the match feed or a stats website during the match broadcast for relevant information, such as who is playing, number of kills, current player loadout, etc. This process is inherently slow and prone to inaccuracies. Data can only be collected once game actions can be seen on the broadcast. Crucial information might be missed if the broadcast cuts away from the action, leading to incomplete and potentially misleading data.

Why is official data important?

Using official data allows for more accurate predictions and better decision-making.

For the betting industry

Official data can lead to  to better and more accurate odds and predictions, ultimately leading to higher margins.

For the media, analysts, and fantasy esports operators

Official data enables them to provide their customers with in-depth information and more reliable services.


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Official vs scraped data

What are the major differences between official and scraped data?


Official data is sourced directly from the game server, while scraped data is obtained through unofficial means such as screen scraping or web scraping.


Official data is provided by a trusted source. Scraped data can be unreliable. Changes to the layout of the broadcast can lead to the automated processes being incapable of picking up all relevant pieces of information.


Official data is more timely, as it is provided in real time by the source. Scraped data is inherently delayed, as the information can only be captured once it is published on screen. With broadcasts typically being delayed by  40-60 seconds, so is scraped data. 


Official data is verified and validated by the source. Scraped data is prone to errors, because the automated processes may not be able to accurately capture all the information.


Official data is more comprehensive and complete as it includes all the information, including that which is not visible on screen, such as more detailed individual players stats. Scraped data is limited to what is shown by the broadcast and may not include all the relevant information.


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accuracy & reliability - the bayes esports way

how we source data

How we source data

At Bayes Esports, we understand the importance of official data. We have partnered with official rights holders to source our data directly from the game server and transfer it to data consumers. The data is collected and distributed in real-time, providing you with the most accurate and reliable information available.

full range of information

Full range of information

A strict quality control process guarantees that all data is error free. We include the full range of information, such as player statistics, team records, real-time scores, and any actions the player takes that are not available via scraped data.

accurate data

Accurate, reliable, and comprehensive data.

Bayes Esports is the leading source of official esports data. We can guarantee that our data is accurate, reliable, and comprehensive. Get the data you need from experts and make informed decisions in the esports industry.


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