ESL and Bayes forge a technological partnership

Published on
April 28, 2020
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CARP enables a stronger esports media presence

ESL and Bayes forge a technological partnership

Berlin, 28.04.2020 – Berlin-based start-up Bayes Esports Solutions and ESL, the world's largest esports company, have announced their technological partnership today, driving innovations forward in the field of live data visualisation. The first joint project is a real-time parser, CARP, which will be put into operation immediately. Both companies already started their cooperation in 2019, when Bayes secured the exclusive data rights for the leagues and tournaments of ESL. Currently, media dealing with esports is not yet able to address and inspire a large group of casual gamers, despite the pre-existing fan community. For an entertaining live experience, different visualizations and perspectives on site and within the live streams are essential, not only to understand and enjoy, but to feel like part of the game - especially in complex 3D games. In order to provide these advanced features, accurate and correct, real-time live data must be available - especially in esports, which are much more agile and fast-moving than traditional sports. The parser, CARP, developed by Bayes in close collaboration with ESL, allows the extraction of data for the games CS:GO and Dota 2 in real time and with unprecedented quantity and quality of data points. Thus, the media can display complete 2D visualisations (replays) live and during the game, with representation of player positions and trajectories of objects. This was previously only possible after the game, i.e. not in real time. Betting providers also benefit, as they can now make more precise predictions, thanks to the improved data situation. Commercial data users like Shadow already use CARP for their match analysis platform.

"Together with Bayes, we want to set uniform standards and drive the sport forward with data- driven developments. For an even stronger media presence of esports, media and other data consumers must receive all the information they need as quickly and reliably as possible. At the same time, it is a major concern of ours to provide all market participants with innovative data products that help them, especially with the distribution of our content," says Bernhard Mogk, SVP Global Business Development at ESL.

For the partnership with Bayes, ESL provides access to its game servers to extract the data. ESL also uses the data for internal applications such as visualisation and analysis. After extensive testing, the data will be made available to other interested parties on BEDEX, the world's first independent esports data marketplace for in-game data, developed by Bayes.



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