New Live Data Widgets make Esports look like traditional sports

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July 14, 2020
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New Live Data Widgets make Esports look like traditional sports

Berlin, 14.07.2020 – In terms of visualization, there is a large issue that makes esports less accessible in the media and betting industry than traditional sports. For an entertaining live experience, different visualizations and perspectives on site and within the live streams are essential, not only to understand and enjoy, but to feel like part of the game - especially in complex 3D games. In order to provide these advanced features, real-time live data must be available as well as accurate and correct, to enable innovative visualization tools. To power up esports engagement, and Bayes Esports have developed the “Esports Widgets”. They enable the curation of the data through official sources, computer vision and 24/7 manual monitoring. Thus, the media can display complete 2D visualisations (replays) live and during the game, with representation of player positions and trajectories of objects. This was previously only possible after the game, i.e. not in real time.

The “Esports Widgets” provide esports fans with the modern look and feel to which audiences have grown accustomed. Visuals and pop ups within the interactive technology provide deep insight into every esports match, including pregame, postgame and in-play, delivering engaging visual content with no technical overhead. For Media and betting companies, the “Esports Widgets” mean a new standard in audience engagement:

Event Based Content

Betting and non-betting platforms can capitalise on major esports tournaments, covering

everything from basic data to deep granularity of match events and statistics.

Widgets Portfolio

Users can add esports headlines, stats, win predictions, team & players breakdowns, interactive

2D mini replay maps, and much more to further engage their audiences.

Editorial Support

The Life Match Tracker gives new products a much better starting point to create more visually

compelling stories, in-depth game analysis and statistics.

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