One API. All Esports: Bayes launching the Esports Directory

Published on
April 23, 2020
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One API. All Esports.

Bayes is launching the Esports Directory

Berlin, 23.04.2020 - Bayes Esports Solutions today released the production version of The Esports Directory. It provides fixtures, results and information related to series, tournaments, matches, teams and players for free. The Esports Directory is aimed at developers who want to work and display game metadata; striving to be the central hub for all game titles, series and tournaments. “Let’s assume you are a fan of a specific team, and you want to know when they are playing next time. Assume this game is being played at an event abroad. You need to inform your job and your family; you need to take vacation; you need to book your hotel and travel. This situation is very common in traditional sports such as soccer, but in esports, it is not common at all. If you look at the communication of the tournament organisers, it is often a big mess,“ according to Martin Dachselt, Managing Director of Bayes.

Even the webpages are sometimes outdated, and updates only published on Twitter. There is no real central place at the moment where the betting industry, media companies and fans seed all matches and participating players and teams. This lack of accurate information is not only very difficult for fans and media, but also for the whole industry, as they rely on the data. This is where the Esports Directory comes in. It provides a central repository for metadata. Every company that is developing esports apps or websites and every search engine may access Bayes’ data. “This allows the demand site to focus on their business idea and not to waste time on scraping web pages. Everybody is doing the same work multiple times, which is a redundant use of time, states Martin Dachselt.

For the game publishers and tournament organizers, the Esports Directory increases the visibility of their tournaments. As a starting point, Bayes has nearly 30.000 fixture data points a year in its data set.

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