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June 6, 2024
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The global eSports market is projected to grow from $2.06 billion in 2024 to $9.29 billion by 2032. But in order to win big with esports, operators must commit to building a portfolio tailored specifically to esports. It is no longer sufficient enough to tack on a scrapped, unofficial esports offering alongside a premium traditional sports offering. Chances are that someone betting on esports is also betting on traditional sports. 

Enhancing your esports betting portfolio can have positive effects on customer acquisition costs (CAC) as it opens up your platform's visibility to a new and younger customer base. As operators are trying to reduce their CAC, a comprehensive esports portfolio will not only make revenue but also have the potential to onboard a loyal bettor. The opportunity within esports betting is unlimited but where to start?

With Bayes Live Odds, an operator or sportsbook gets access to a world of esports with a single integration. Bringing together the best odds providers under one roof, the odds marketplace provides customers with multiple choices to tailor their portfolio just as they like. Mix markets, add a niche game title, or swap out a provider. Your portfolio, built your way.

Whether you're new to esports, or looking to upgrade your current esports portfolio, learn how to unlock maximum esports betting potential with an odds marketplace. Let’s dive into Bayes Live Odds.

Single Integration for Ever-Expanding Content

An integration into a betting platform can take many months and tons of resources. An entire team of engineers often has to be dedicated to the project which pulls away resources which could be better spent building a unique and engaging platform.

Bayes Esports eliminates this pain point for operators and sportsbooks. Bayes Live Odds has a unified data format which can be connected with a single integration seamlessly. It unlocks an expansive portfolio of esports content, ranging from multiple odds providers, top tournaments, unique markets, and a range of game titles. 

Content on the marketplace currently includes odds across ~30+ game titles, and 50 unique markets. Operators can access the most popular and lucrative betting games including CS2, Dota 2, LoL, Valorant, Rocket League, as well as popular eLeagues like FIFA. 

The unique feature to this marketplace is that it is ever-expanding. As our ecosystem grows, so will your choices, enabling you to customize your esports solution without any additional integration work required. More partnerships with industry titans are already in the works which Bayes Live Odds customers will soon have access to.

Navigate the Dynamics of Esports With a Fully Managed Platform

The esports industry is very dynamic. Imagine an operator gearing up to one of the most popular tournaments of the year. The week before the tournament there is a game patch, 24 hrs before the tournament a fixture change, and just as the first match is about to start one of your partner’s odds go down. Managing an esports betting portfolio can come with many variables which can take up a lot of time to manage.

Now imagine all of these things happening but instead of dedicating all your operators resources to fix it, the Bayes Esports’ team of engineers and esports experts have already taken care of it. Bayes Live Odds acts as the middleman between the multiple providers and the operators. This alleviates the stress and hassle of managing the inner workings of esports and partnerships, and frees up time and resources for the operators and sportsbooks to focus on their businesses.

Customizable Betting Portfolio for Optimal Performance

With just one odds provider available, there is a risk of it being unreliable, especially if the provider is scraping their odds. If the provider goes down, there is no alternate option to turn to. So instead of putting all your eggs in one basket, use Bayes Live Odds which provides multiple options so there will never be any downtime.

If the operator is unsure of which provider to select, they can turn to Bayes Esports’ granular measurement of its providers uptime. The analytics from an unbiased source help customers make the most informed decisions, resulting in 100% uptime and optimal performance for the sportsbooks.

Customization of the esports betting portfolio even extends beyond just the providers.  With just a click of a button, Bayes Live Odds customers can add a new game title, or unique market, which will help sportsbooks create a unique offering that will stand out. In esports, game titles can pop up and disappear very quickly so operators usually can’t meet the demand for a more niche esports offering. Bayes Live Odds can onboard more specialized esports odds, and their customers just need to select it from the many options available on the odds feed.

Don’t stop there. Add our engagement tools

No matter how great your esports odds offering is, it's not complete if it doesn’t have visually exciting tools seamlessly working alongside your portfolio. Bettors want to stay up to date with each match, follow every play as it happens, and immerse themselves into statistics.

So, while a betting customer can just elevate their portfolio with the odds marketplace, they often choose to not stop there. Bayes Esports offers a more enhanced package that levels up the betting engagement. 

Bayes Video is a low delay stream ahead of public broadcast. This is important as it will encourage bettors to stay on a site during the match and increase in-play betting. Unlike other widgets on the market, Bayes Widget for Bettors is powered by live data which enables it to have unique features like a 2d live map tracking. 

Both visualization tools will help increase engagement and revenue.

Integrating the video feed and widgets is a very swift and seamless process. We can even get your video and widgets up and running while the further integration work takes place for the odds feed.

Boost your esports business

We understand that every sportsbook and betting operator has their own goals, team, and current product suite. We want to work with you to find a solution that elevates your esports betting portfolio while making the integration process as smooth as possible. 

Maybe you want to take trading in house later down the line. We can provide you with Live Match Predictions so you can train up your trading models, while at the same time you have access to our odds marketplace to enhance your esports portfolio in the meantime. With our full product suite, and connected esports ecosystem, the options are unlimited.

Get in touch with our sales team to discuss potential commercial offers.

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